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What’s up everybody?  Welcome to D. Brown’s Hoop Soup.  Let’s talk basketball!  I started this Blog so that people could talk about basketball at every level in a casual friendly environment.  I got the idea from having some great conversations in Barber Shops across the country in Trenton, NJ, St. Louis, MO, and in Boston, MA.  If you’re passionate about basketball, then you know that these conversations can spark some heavy debate, so I encourage it on this blog, and have fun.

A little about me, I’m originally from Trenton (Ewing Township), NJ, and I grew up loving and playing basketball.  I’ve played at different levels and I still enjoy playing today.  I’m a Human Resources professional for a Fortune 200 company in the Greater Boston Area and

currently live in Boston, MA and I’m very passionate about basketball.

I welcome you again to this site and please engage, I’d love to hear your opinion.  Let’s talk Basketball!



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  1. Great site!

    • Thanks little brother, I say little brother, he’s bigger then me, lol! Spread the word to everyone you know that loves basketball and let’s get them in on the conversation. Love ya!!

  2. I think it is a wonderful idea!

    • Thanks mom, and thanks for everything you’ve done for me in my life. Your persistence, love, thoughtfulness, teaching, and understanding has made me a better man. I love you dearly, and thanks for helping me push this idea.


    • Thanks Jay, pass this site on to anyone who loves basketball. New topics to come at the end of the week. Also, let me know of any topics that you want to see and talk about in the future.

  4. I love this idea and your passion for basketball that will launch this site. I will pass it along in the LOU. Stay up bruh. I Holla!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Dru, I really appreciate that. New topics and polls to come at the end of the week! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future. Thanks for your help my brother!

  5. From Trenton, NJ?? : )

    What happened to Ewing?? Especially now with the corrupt Mayor Mack, I’d think you’d distance yourself from Trenton. Disappointed to see Terrance Bailey associated his regime.

    Hope all is well with you. Still got that lefty shot that was always tough to defend?


    • What’s up Doug? And thanks for the shout out, and for getting on the site. In terms of Ewing, I’ll always be a Ewing supporter, but due to my travels, it’s eaiser to say Trenton first since it’s the capitol and everybody knows it, then if the know a little bit about NJ, I tell them I grew up in Ewing. Terrible with the who Mayor Mack regime, I understand how you feel. But since I haven’t lived in Ewing since 1982, I don’t have enough details on it to comment other then the little hearsay that I do know.

      Yes, I still have that lefty shot, and I play all the time. I’m in a 40 and over league, and a 45 and over league and they’re both very competitive. If you ever come to Boston, look me up so I can show you the town. Thanks again for checking out the site, and pass it on to anyone who loves basketball.

      Check out the latest posts that I put up this past weekend. Talk to you soon!

  6. Dwayne this is an amazing site. Looking forward to seeing you in the new Reality Show…

    • Thanks Stix, that means a lot my brother. I can’t wait to be on the show as well. Thanks for the comment, and don’t forget to pass this site on to a friend that loves hoop.

      By the way, I saw the video of you gettin’ it in on the court back in the day, lol, I knew you had skills. I’ll have to post that on my site!

  7. Hey Dweezy, I love and support this website/blog. Lift us up my brother!

    Jimy Cee

    • Thanks Jimy Cee, sorry for the late response, I’ve been super busy traveling to all these college campuses. Stay tuned for more posts coming out this weekend and next week, the season is here my brother, and don’t forget to pass this site on to a friend.

  8. What’s going on DB my man….Boy I miss you here in DA LOU, you know I need my 2-3-4 man on my squad…they didn’t want to see us coming to the gym did they?…You with the lefty J and me with the righty J. But man on a serious note, I wanted to thank you for creating this site and you have now truly inspired me to do one for baseball as I am now coaching, teaching and mentoring kids on improving their skills on that dirty ball diamond where you make three lefts in order to get back home. You truly have planted a seed in me my brother and I will definitely be looking you up when I hit the east coast. Matter of fact, I need to make that happen anyway real soon. By the way, a whole lot of bball surprises this year so far don’t you think? Oh yeah…I will be hitting you up on copy cat tips. LOL !!! Peace

    • My man Sherron! I don’t remember officially responding to your comment on D Brown’s Hoop Soup (I know I did on Facebook), so here it is. First of all, much love to you my brother. I really appreciate you giving me a shout out on the site, and I miss hoopin’ with you and our friendship as well. We did give it to ’em in every league we played in, or pick-up ball out at Gamble Rec Center. I still get it in in Boston playing in a 45 and older league and a 40 and over league in Springfield, MA. I”m glad I’ve inspred you to create a site for Baseball, especially now that you’re coaching and teaching the kids. I’ll be glad to give you what ever help you need creating the site based on what I’ve learned in the process so far. My goal is to blow this site up world wide, so wish me luck, and I wish you the same on your site. Next time I’m in the LOU, I’ll look you up so we can catch up. And when you get to Boston, you’ve got to come through. In terms of surprises, how ’bout my Knicks, what’s wrong with the Celtics? And what about the new look LA Clippers? Lob city, LOL!! What’s your thoughts on the Lakers, and are the Heat still the team to beat? I could go on and on, but holla at me when you get a chance. Talk to soon my brother, and much love to you! Peace!!!!

  9. Job well done a lot if good information continue doing an awesome job may God Bless You time for u to put ur information in a book to publish

    • Thanks Bonita, I appreciate the shout out, nothing happens without God. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, I’m trying to make it better everyday. Let me know if you’d like to see anything or if you have any suggestions. And don’t forget to pass this on to your friends, especially the ones that love hoop. God Bless you and your family! You “hoop soupin’?”

  10. Great blog D. Brown! Ready for our big game tonight! We need you raining some 3’s! Love to talk more about your site. Cheers!

    • What’s up Kev? Thanks for the love regarding the blog, glad you liked it. I’m trying to get it out there for people to talk hoop. Sorry about not being able to play, I’ve got to get over these injuries so I can get back into it. In terms of the blog, let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll do a post on it. And please, don’t forget to pass it on to someone else that might be interested.

      Looking forward to playing with you again, and I’ll speak with you soon.

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